How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session (Red Deer’s Leading Outdoor Boudoir Photographer)

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session (Red Deer’s Leading Outdoor Boudoir Photographer)

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A professional boudoir photographer offers tips to consider when preparing for your boudoir session. 

Your local boudoir photographer is FULL of helpful information!

It can be stressful prepping for a boudoir photo shoot, especially if you don’t know where to begin. There are so many things to consider! Your boudoir photographer will provide you with plenty of information however should you feel unsure of what to do in the days leading up to your session don’t hesitate to touch base with them to get the answers you are looking for!

Tips from a Professional Boudoir Photographer:
How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Professional outdoor boudoir photographer with clients from Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Didsbury, Red Deer & Rocky Mountain House

Before your boudoir session:
Not sure if you can muster the courage?

Feeling anxious leading up to your first boudoir photo shoot is completely natural!  You’re stepping out of your comfort zone, into a world unknown and in front of a boudoir photographer to boot! 

My studio (where ever it may be that day) is a negativity-free zone.

Many of us have never been seen in our lingerie by anyone other than our significant other so stripping down in front of a stranger can seem intimidating but believe me when I say that there is no judgement.

Our age, our size – these are just numbers, not our limitations!

My clients often tell me that they were so absorbed in my constant instruction and guidance (not to mention bad jokes!) that there was no time for them to feel nervous. 

Client Testimonial:

“The day of my boudoir shoot I was so excited but so nervous as the only person who has seen me in that state was my partner. As we started the shoot those nerves went away so fast. Jessie has this way of boosting your confidence completely! She doesn’t care what size you are… she cares about how you feel in the moment and will do anything to make sure you’re comfortable.” – Miss K, 2017

Studio based in Sundre, Alberta.  Outdoor settings and on-site wardrobe collection!Before your boudoir session:
Make arrangements

Schedule the day off work as well as child care for the date of your boudoir experience should you need to do so. Don’t forget to book any hair cut/dye appointments, waxing and/or nail appointments in the weeks leading up to your photo shoot.

Whether your boudoir photographer has an on-site lingerie collection for you to choose from or not, you may still want to bring a few items of your own along. 

Should you be ordering new lingerie to wear during your boudoir photo shoot be sure to give your item(s) enough time to arrive (sometimes up to six or eight weeks for shipping) and ensure a proper fit before the day of your session.

*Don’t forget to bring a brand new properly fitting (tags on) black thong to your boudoir session should you wish to take advantage of BAD Enterprizes Boudoir’s on-site wardrobe collection in sizes XS-6X!

BAD Enterprizes Boudoir offers indoor and outdoor boudoir photo shoots. Cochrane. Calgary. Innisfail. Airdrie. Didsbury. Red Deer.Before your boudoir session:
Avoid sunburns/tan lines &
say ‘NO!’ to fake tans

This is very self explanatory!  Please avoid sunburns and tan lines in the weeks leading up to your boudoir photo shoot.  Spray tans, tanning beds and fake tanner will leave your skin looking far more orange in photos than it does in real life – do not take the chance! 

Your boudoir photographer will thank you.

My Enchanted Bedroom is an outdoor boudoir studio offered by BAD Enterprizes Boduoir.  Red Deer's leading outdoor boudoir specialist!!

Before your boudoir session:
The night before

There are less than 24 hours before your boudoir photo shoot and you’ve already tried on and packed all of the lingerie you’d like to bring with you.  What more can you do to prepare for your session?

  • Avoid alcohol and salt!  Hangovers, headaches and bloating the day of your boudoir session?  No thank you.
  • Shave, pluck and lotion up!  Dry skin and stubble are the last things you want to see in your boudoir photos. If you are the type to trim, now is the time!  (Note: This is NOT required, only if you DO NOT want it showing up in your photos!)
  • Drink lots of water!  Keep yourself hydrated for radiant skin. Keep a water bottle handy all day. Have a water bottle (or two!) packed and ready for your photo shoot.
  • Get A LOT of sleep!  You’ll be tired & very sore following your photo shoot so come prepared by getting lots of rest the night(s) before!

Indoor and outdoor photo shoots offered by BAD Enterprizes Boudoir

Before your boudoir session:
In the hours leading up

In the hours leading up to your photo shoot I highly recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing such as a sun dress with no bra or socks and be sure to use clear deodorant. 

While Photoshop touch-ups work wonders wiping away blemishes and bruises, the red creases and lines left behind by tight fit waistbands, panties, and bras require extensive editing.

Sip water the day of your boudoir session and while you’re on your way to the studio crank up the tunes and jam to some songs that get you in the mood to dance!  Positive vibes all the way, baby!


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