Boudoir Photo Shoot Checklist (Cochrane’s Leading Boudoir Photographer)

Boudoir Photo Shoot Checklist (Cochrane’s Leading Boudoir Photographer)

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Are you planning you very own boudoir photo shoot?  I welcome you to take advantage of this in-depth Boudoir Session Checklist that will help you prepare for your private photo shoot whether it’s your first or your fifth!

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Checklist: Before Your Boudoir Session

⦁ Have all appointments scheduled at least one month in advance & book the day of your boudoir photo shoot off work if need be. Appointments you may want to consider include, but are not compulsory, are: hair, brows, teeth whitening, waxing, nails and childcare.

⦁ Drink plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your session to keep yourself hydrated and your skin radiant and clear. On the day of your boudoir photo shoot keep your water bottle handy to be looking (and more importantly feeling) your best.

⦁ Bringing lingerie with you to your session? Ensure it all fits properly and cut off the tags before your boudoir session.

⦁ Will you be ordering outfits or props on-line? Not all lingerie you order will be true to size or arrive on time.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to go shopping should the lingerie you order not be what you had in mind.

⦁ Planning on bringing any props/wardrobe/heels along with you?  Make sure they are packed and ready to go days in advance to avoid scrambling the day-of your boudoir session.

⦁ Be sure to avoid sunburns and tan lines leading up to your photo shoot.

⦁ Important: avoid all forms of fake tanning (spray, beds and self-tan) in the weeks leading up to your boudoir session.

⦁ Curb your craving for alcohol as well as salty and/or greasy food for at least 48 hours before your session to avoid bloating and cramping.

⦁ Get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your session, especially the night before.

⦁ In the days leading up to your boudoir photo shoot be sure to moisturize (your whole body) daily to avoid dry, flaking skin.

⦁ Wear clear deodorant to avoid white ‘crumbles’ in your armpits and marks on clothing.

⦁ Moisturize (your whole body) before leaving the house for your photo shoot.

⦁ Arrive the day of your boudoir session wearing only loose fitting clothing to avoid red lines from waistbands, jeans, bras and socks. I suggest a sundress with no bra and flip flops.

⦁ Bring a fresh water bottle with you to your photo shoot, you’ll need it! Boudoir posing isn’t all standing pretty and looking hot – it’s often very awkward and difficult to hold these positions and you WILL feel tired and sore afterwards. Water will be your friend!


A private boudoir photo shoot with clients from Calgary, Red Deer and Cochrane.What to Consider Bringing to Your Boudoir Session:

⦁ A playlist of your favorite music so you don’t have to be subjected to mine!
⦁ Water bottle (plus an extra!)
⦁ Crop tops
⦁ Your favorite matching bra/panty set (with matching garter belt?)
⦁ A sweater with wide neck (to slide down your shoulders) or open front. In this case loose-fit is perfectly fine!
⦁ Fishnet stockings and/or knee-high stockings
⦁ Something of your partners (a button down shirt, work jacket, tool belt, etc)
⦁ Work uniform (yours or your partners)
⦁ High heels in a neutral color (black or nude)
⦁ Personal props (your Corvette, dirt bike, horse, saddle, boat, etc.


boudoir photographer serving Calgary area.

What to Avoid Bringing to Your Boudoir Photo Shoot:

⦁ Babydoll style lingerie
⦁ Loose fit clothing (to be photographed in)
⦁ A negative attitude
⦁ Wardrobe items with loud print/designs or heavy lint/pet hair

Waterfall boudoir photo shoot west of Sundre, Alberta.  Clients from Calgary, Cochrane, Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House!  Edmonton, Leduc, Whitecourt and Stony Plain!

“I think every woman should have a boudoir shoot, it’s a great gift for your partner but an even better gift for yourself.” Miss M

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Red Deer River providing a breath-taking backdrop for this boudoir session near Calgary, AB. Rocky Mountain House. Olds. Sundre. Cochrane. Didsbury. Innisfail. Airdrie.

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